Life is Worth Living!

There will come a time in all our lives, maybe even numerous times, when we feel like there is no reason to keep living. We feel alone, afraid and like no one on the entire planet cares about us. We question why we would continue, when our pain feels like it is eating us alive. We convince ourselves that we – and the rest of the world – will somehow be better off without us. That no one will miss us or care that we are gone.

And sometimes we will think that our own destruction will be the rightful punishment on those who we believe deserve to feel our loss. They will suffer, and if we suggest in a note, or otherwise, that we have chosen to end our lives because of those people, then we hope that they will suffer more. What will we care? We will be dead.

Sometimes there will seem no end in sight. No light in our darkness. No reprieve from our constant heartache. Absolution in death may look appealing. No more pain. No more falling. No more wishing ourselves wiped from the face of the earth.

We may be hurting ourselves with needles or knives or cigarette lighters or by some other means. We may be taking pills and speaking to official counsellors, whom we may despise as much as our pain, at times. We may feel that no matter what we try, we continue to be alone, to be hurt, to be neglected, to be misunderstood, to be frightened, to be bullied, to be confused, to be addicted, to be lost and to wonder who we really are.

I can tell you, my friends, that you are not alone.

No matter how hard it gets, no matter how lonely you feel, no matter how much pain you are going through… just keep going.

Keep fighting, because life is worth living.

Watch a sunset, sit for an hour watching the relentless crashing of surf on an ocean beach, look up at the stars, close your eyes and remember your best days, or simply look in the mirror and see that you are a beautiful human being even if others don’t see it, and I promise you, you will make it.

You will get through it!

You are strong enough to defeat the darkness!

And you will prevail!

You must prevail, because life really can be very beautiful. Find a friend, search for a counsellor, ring a helpline, talk to a church leader – do whatever you have to do to survive. Because you never know when that life-changing moment will come.

And it will come!

The world may not always seem like a beautiful place, but you color her more beautiful by being in it.